Black Friday Offer!

The term 'Black Friday' means different things in different parts of the world.  In the Northern hemisphere it marks the beginning of the holiday season with some serious shopping.

In Australia the term 'Black Friday' brings back memories of some of the most devastating bushfires our country has ever seen.

Given that we find ourselves once again in a severe bushfire emergency as we head into the Christmas season we thought it appropriate to try and honour both, so jump online between 22nd - 29th November and purchase a gift voucher and you will receive 20% off all our accommodation packages ! Not only that but we will donate 5% of the full value of the voucher to the amazing organisation WIRES who support injured and displaced native animals, not just during the current bushfires but year round as they also suffer through this record breaking drought.

So what are you waiting for?! Tick off some Christmas shopping, save some money AND help support native wildlife, all with just a few clicks! USE PROMO CODE BF20OFF to get 20% off!

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