Bushfire Update

Thank you to everyone for all the messages of support over the last few weeks, it has been incredibly humbling to know that so many people from near and far have been so concerned for us and we very much appreciate it.

Paperbark Camp and Jervis Bay have been very lucky that we have not been directly impacted by fire, though we have definitely had some scary times and did close for a few days last week when it was deemed too unsafe to stay and roads were closing all over the place.

We are now optimistic that the worst has passed and will now turn to re-building confidence in travel to our area, together with our tourism partners across the Shoalhaven and beyond. It has been so incredible seeing people come together to support each other and is a shining light in what has been a very dark few weeks.

Needless to say our thoughts are with those who have lost so much and especially the innocent wildlife and animals that have suffered through drought and now fire. As fires raged up north in November we raised $1300 for WIRES not realising that was just the beginning of what would be needed as the fires spread around the country. It is amazing to see the fundraising that has gone on since from school kids to A list celebs and billionaires all getting on board... just incredible.

In the end the best way to support these small regional communities is to come and spend some money, no doubt there will be some great enticements to get people travelling, so as long as it is safe to do so, we hope to see you soon!