Explore and Discover Jervis Bay with Woebegone Freedive

Lara & Dylan grew up on the South Coast and developed a love of the ocean at a young age as they spent their spare time surfing and diving.

After leaving school they embarked on their scuba training in Bali, then locally at Shellharbour which cemented their addiction to the underwater world before embarking on a two year Dive Master apprenticeship in Jervis Bay (so you just KNOW they know this place upside down and inside out!)

A month long trip to Mexico to undertake  Master Instructor training at one of the worlds most prestigious dive academies turned into a two year woking holiday,  instructing at five star resorts and exploring the underwater beauty of the Caribbean.

On the island of Cozumel they discovered Freediving, and concluded that this way of experiencing the ocean was so free and simple that they definitely needed to know more about.

They ventured back to Bali again to train at Adam Stern and Alexi Molchanov’s Freediving Bootcamp, and after eight years of training have been led back to the South Coast and the simplicity of their teenage years and Woebegone Freedive was born.

Jervis Bay is spectacular above the water, but if you never explore underneath the surface you are missing its greatest asset.

Woebegone offers guided snorkelling tours from the beach and boat, as well as Freedive training courses in the Jervis Bay Marine Park suitable for everyone. Expeditions cater for all ages and experience levels. They are educational and environmentally conscious, reflecting Lara and Dylans deep respect and love for the ocean.

Boat tours are currently scheduled for 14th, 21st and 28th February.

Beach snorkelling tours are scheduled for the 20th and 27th February.

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